Amanda Orson interview

Coywolf Founder, Jon Henshaw, interviews the VP of Growth at Zift, Amanda Orson.

Amanda OrsonAmanda Orson is the VP of Growth at Zift. Zift provides parental controls and screen time management apps for iOS and Android. Amanda has the unique challenge of competing against basic and often unreliable parental controls that come baked into operating systems. She also has to reach and educate the majority of parents who don’t know anything about parental controls and feel helpless as a parent when it comes to managing their children’s mobile device usage. As you’ll find out when you listen to the interview, Amanda has had her fair share of challenges but has come out of them as one of the most resilient and brilliant people I know. In my interview with her we discussed:

I hope you enjoy my interview with Amanda as much I enjoyed talking with her.

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